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Leadership training is a very valuable asset in any organization. It helps build teams, hire the right employees, influence the organization as well as other organizations, and helps set and communicate visions and goals. As an entrepreneur, this asset isn’t always easy to come by. So here are 3 tips for obtaining that invaluable leadership training asset.

Learn from the successes and failures of others.

Successful founders and CEOs have a fair amount of lessons to be learned from their successful—and not so successful—endeavors. They can also provide insight on the difference between management and leadership.

Join a group.

Professional entrepreneurial organizations are tailored to offer formal leadership training programs. These groups and programs will also have personal testimonies that can be learned from.

Find one or more guides.

A leadership mentor can give you a sense of leadership from a wider perspective. This mentor can even be another entrepreneur with their own company. And if one isn’t enough, a board of leadership advisors can give you multiple perspectives with multiple unique backgrounds and histories.

Although it may be possible to pick up leadership training skills without official training, you can achieve a smoother, more efficient level of leadership training with outside help.

A major source of outside help is Talexes—we offer a number of leadership solutions, tailored just for you. Learn more by visiting our Leadership Development page today!