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Now that spring has arrived, you may be thinking it’s time for some spring cleaning. Another obligation to consider is refreshing your employees’ motivation. Employees are people, and people can’t help but get derailed and unmotivated occasionally, no matter how productive they normally are in the office. Here are 3 things to refresh your employees’ memories when it comes to boosting employee motivation.

The bigger picture is the better picture.

Minor daily processes can often feel repetitive and even unnecessary. However, those tasks are necessary for the bigger picture. Consistently remind your team that the minor tasks add up to the big picture; it is often much easier to get excited about than those daily tasks.

No step in a process is unimportant.

Sometimes a team will procrastinate or even avoid a step completely because they don’t see it as that important. Be sure your team is aware that even the smallest pieces of the puzzle in their eyes can have a big impact on future processes. Think of it like the common theatre saying— “There are no small roles, only small actors.” In business, there are no small steps, only small thinking. Avoid the small-minded mentality by ensuring your team understands the importance of every step in a process.

The best motivation comes from personal excitement.

No matter how much you try to do to boost motivation, the biggest motivation for anyone is excitement about something that interests them. Pay close attention to what your employees are interested in within the workplace and use those excitements to your advantage.

Leaders have the responsibility of being a constant source of motivation for their employees. Keep your team motivated, and they will return the favor with increased productivity and motivation.