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A skilled athlete can only go so far without a skilled coach to accompany them. In the same way, a skilled employee needs a coach and mentor to prevent underperformance, and keep them on track and constantly progressing.

Inc.com and BusinessNewsDaily.com have several tips on how to become more effective at coaching employees in your workforce.

  1. Determine why underperformance is happening—this could be caused by a loss of interest, distraction from outside issues, or being underqualified or overwhelmed.
  2. Provide frequent feedback and recognition to encourage repeating positive behavior.
  3. Understand what each employee does well and what each is passionate about.
  4. Support teamwork and leverage employees’ individual strengths by matching them with tasks that bring out their skillset.
  5. Align employee behaviors to long-term business objectives.
  6. Have a plan ready for attacking underperformance and ask employees for suggestions about the plan.
  7. Give employees autonomy and room for personal growth.
  8. Monitor progress and be appreciative of it.
  9. Continue to follow up on progress regularly with your team.
  10. Celebrate when employees successfully achieve results.

Even the most highly-skilled athlete can’t be successful without an effective coach. Practice coaching your employees to success the same way NFL coaches coach their team to victory.

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