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It is no secret that company culture and performance are related. But as it turns out, the relationship is one-sided. A recent study shows that, although positive culture has an effect on performance, peak performance isn’t enough to ensure positive culture.  With that said, it is important to realize that it is detrimental to focus solely on performance. And that’s not the only benefit of a healthy company culture. In fact, there are several benefits that will convince you to invest in company culture improvements:

Identity – A company culture provides your organization with a unique identity that highlights the organization’s values.

Retention – A strong company culture attracts better talent, which leads to improved retention.

Image – Similar to identity, a positive company culture provides a public image for your organization, which boosts the appeal of your brand.

Of course, employee performance is fundamentally important—just don’t let it overshadow other important aspects. Providing a strong company culture not only improves performance, it also keeps your performers happy. The benefits of company culture are hard to ignore, and they definitely shouldn’t be ignored!