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The 2015 SHRM Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey found that only 69 percent of employees felt that they were consistently putting all their effort into their work. Even the best managers need to be creative in their motivational approach, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to motivating employees. Everyone is different and therefore responds to different stimuli, so you need a multi-faceted employee motivation plan. Here are some secrets for motivating employees:

  1. Emphasize individual attention just as much as the team mentality.
  2. Offer new training or educational opportunities for employees.
  3. Keep an “open door policy” to emphasize transparent communication.
  4. Be sure your employees know their purpose and the weight it carries within the company.
  5. Set achievable weekly goals to keep up morale.
  6. Know which employees prefer which types of projects, and which employees prefer to work alone so everyone can be productive in a comfortable role.
  7. Create a stable work-life balance—overworked does not equal motivated.
  8. Let employees play a leading role in routine meetings so their concerns and opinions can be properly addressed.

Motivating employees is a lot more than simply handing out vacation days. It is important to keep up with practices that’ll give you some insight on what your employees want and need to be the most motivated and productive.

Our suite of employee assessments can help you learn more about your current and future employees so you can be sure your employee motivation plan is effective for your whole team. Learn more by contacting Talexes today.