Around the World with Talexes

The global workforce is changing.

Talexes is putting global workforce solutions in the hands of talent management professionals all over the world.

Talexes is committed to providing workforce solutions both at home and abroad.

At Talexes, we understand that the challenges facing the workforce are occurring internationally. We are committed to providing tools to identify high performers and bring precision to the hiring process all across the globe using our unique, revolutionary workforce development solutions. This is achieved through collaboration with our Global Strategic Partners. Our international partners help us in our commitment to the workforce by providing the Talexes workforce solutions to countries all over the world. With our international network of representatives, we are able to provide our employee assessment solutions to hiring managers everywhere. To support our standard of excellence, our products have been localized with translations into several languages, as well as being verified and approved by experts within that culture.

Professionals for Human Resources Development

Professionals for Human Resources Development provides total integrated human resources development solutions covering various managerial disciplines on both the individual & corporate levels, as well as providing a cutting-edge suite of organizational development solutions. Their customized solutions, bolstered by in-depth local experience & international best practices, are provided through a diverse portfolio of partnerships both domestically and abroad.

With a variety of partners, and applicability among diverse industries including oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, and aviation, and with a core set of values that promotes professionalism, integrity, ownership, innovation, focus on clients, and commitment, PHRD maintains the highest level of quality and professionalism in the middle eastern Human Resources industry.

PHRD services 10 countries in the Middle Eastern region, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Sudan.

For more information about Professionals for Human Resources Development, visit their website at

Innovate Talento

Innovate Talento is committed to overcoming the challenges related to the productivity of their clients. With a collaborative business approach, Innovate Talento’s team is streamlining human resource processes by using robust scientific and technological measurements.

To meet the workplace challenges, Innovate Talento has become a Talexes Global Strategic Partner. This alliance will bring the latest technology and the most current psychometric assessments to this mobile generation – meeting the demands of the new workforce. Innovate Talento will be able to respond quickly, accurately, and reliably to the needs of organizations in regards to the identification, retention, and development of talent. This will support their clients in achieving their financial and organizational goals through their people.

Innovate Talento is committed to developing their distribution network of Talexes solutions in 9 countries: Panamá, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Dominican Republic, and serving clients all over the world in Spanish speaking countries.

To learn more about Innovate Talento, visit their website at


Peoplogica is a leading people analytics provider in customer centricity and attracting, selecting and retaining high performing talent in Australia and all of Australasia. They deliver a range of customized people capital solutions to organizations of all sizes, from all sectors. Peoplogica improves client and employee engagement levels by providing management teams with the information and tools to assist them to better understand their needs.

As a Talexes Global Strategic Partner, Peoplogica will add the latest, most innovative talent acquisition, management and development tools to the Australian, New Zealand, and Australasian regions. Through their efforts, Peoplogica sets the standard for the hiring, management, promotion, and development of the global workforce.

Peoplogica is committed to developing their distribution network of talent management solutions in 20 countries: Australia, New Zealand, Tuvalu, Solomon Island, French Polynesia, Cocos Keeling Island, Wallis Futuna, Niue, Nauru, Fiji, Tonga, Pitcairn Island, Christmas Island, Vanuatu, Tokelau, Kiribati, Cook Island, Western Samoa, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia.

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Human Development in the Carribean

Go Blue Inc.

Go Blue Inc. is a Human Development company who believes in putting people at the center of organizational development. Go Blue’s interventions and training are geared towards maximizing the full potential of people, systems, and processes in a synergistic way to yield maximum benefits to organizations.

Go Blue Inc. is committed to helping Caribbean organizations build capacity, competence, and resilience through org redesign, strategic realignment, talent management development, and training. Being a Talexes Alliance Partner, Go Blue has access to the most modernized, user-friendly talent management tools on the market today to fulfill those commitments. 

Although they are based in Grenada, Go Blue Inc. will be developing the entire Caribbean market  with the next-gen product suite now available in their region.To learn more about Go Blue Inc., visit their website at