Revealing the Person Below the Surface

Resumes are notoriously unreliable and unstructured interviews can be an exercise in creative story-telling with 80% of applicants embellishing experiences. The TalassureMX uncovers the essence of your candidates and the key job-fit behaviors that lead to performance excellence and overall success. With this added insight, you can be confident your workforce decisions are based on scientific data points instead of intuition alone.

Crucial information for leaders ready to hire the best…


  • Reasoning Ability – can they do the job?
  • Core Personality – will they do the job?
  • Occupational Interests – what will keep them engaged?


Leave the costly guesswork behind and discover the certainty of the TalassureMX.

Figure It Out Fast

  • Screen faster
  • Identify & hire right-fit candidates the first time
  • Virtually eliminate costly hiring mistakes
  • Recognize, predict, and foster long-term potential
  • Remove bias in selection and promotion
  • Conduct effective, structured interviews
  • Improve team member development to increase performance and productivity
  • Provide a simple and quick user experience (35 minutes total)

Right Person, Right Job, Right Now

TalassureMX provides the ability to create customized success profiles. Job fit is key to the success of your organization. Our proprietary Job Matching technology is created by pinpointing the seven identifying traits that yield high performance and three top interests to keep team members engaged.

With internal measures to ensure accuracy, TalassureMX provides objective insights into the reasoning ability, core behavioral traits, and occupational interests of your existing talent and candidates. This critical information is used to predictively match the right people to specific jobs within your organization.

1 Assessment, 13 Practical Application Reports

Easy to understand and apply, robust information is at your fingertips to positively impact every stage of the employee lifecycle; hire right, train expediently, spot-check along the way, promote effectively, and succession plan intentionally. Using this valid job-fit assessment will allow you to experience the ultimate talent objectives: efficiency and accuracy in acquisition and clarity about who can perform at extraordinary levels.

The Talexes Team partners with your organization during the life of our relationship to ensure you always have the right talent optimized in the right roles to achieve your ultimate goals.