Lauren Svoboda Director of Creative Services

Lauren Svoboda

Director of Creative Services

Lauren graduated Texas State University with a degree in Creative Writing. This experience has translated beautifully into her role as Director of Creative Services. Her duties include social media outreach, product development, graphic design, & content creation, as well as product development, website maintenance, and administration. Not only does she bring a flair for design and creativity to the workplace, but an invaluable knowledge of marketing trends and techniques.

Throughout her life, Lauren has been concerned with the correlation between one’s satisfaction in their work, and their personal happiness. In college, the trend of students having to seek jobs outside their chosen major was – and still is – growing. She realized that both she and her peers would likely have to take positions which they cared little for, or were not adequately prepared to perform, in order to make ends meet.

In discovering the assessment industry, Lauren realized that there are scientific measurements to ensure that individuals can be matched to jobs which naturally fit their skills and personality. This experience formed her vision of having tangible tools to enable employees to feel fulfilled in both their work & life, and for employers to realize success as they work together. This, as well as her skills and expertise, make Lauren an important part of the Talexes team.