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It is becoming common for companies of all sizes to look toward interns to fill their open job roles. Interns are a quick and easy solution for filling job positions. A new job placement trend that has been emerging lately is turning those interns into permanent employees. This solution for job placement is beneficial to both the employees and the employer.

Here are some benefits and detriments of the temp-to-hire job placement trend.

As a potential employee, the opportunity to showcase your talents directly is a valuable opportunity; it gives the employer a much better sense of your work ethic than a job interview could provide; think of it as a type of trial run for both employee and employer to work together.

Another upside is the benefit to your career. Most individuals that are starting and shaping their career—college graduates, for example—are looking for internships to build their resume and experience threshold. That prospect, plus the possibility of future long-term employment, will have potential candidates knocking at your door for job placement in your organization.

If the temp doesn’t work out, the organization hasn’t taken too much of a loss—no insurance payments, severance pay, etc. Or, if the position only needed a temporary filling, the unease of hiring someone just to fire them shortly after is nonexistent.

One downside of being a temp with possible graduation to full employee is that the spotlight is always on you. Since it’s easy to hire and fire a temporary worker, most organizations won’t hesitate to do so and hire another if you make a mistake. Keep on your toes, and show the organization your best work, so you may receive a more permanent job placement.

Job placement doesn’t have to be a difficult process, but a thorough process does take some time. If you need a quick replacement, or if you want a trial run of an employee without all the costs of hiring and firing, consider participating in the temp-to-hire job placement trend of 2017.