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It never hurts to assess the leadership in your organization—especially if you haven’t in a while. But sometimes effective leadership traits may seem a little contradictory. However, when it comes to leadership, it is important to be effective at both ends of the spectrum. Take a look at these effective leadership traits to help with your leadership assessment process.

  • Pride and humility – It is important to be proud of your team and your organization. However, pride can often come across negatively. Be sure to keep your pride in check with healthy doses of humility.
  • Flexibility and stubbornness – Being able to comfortably handle change is key. Holding your ground when it comes to policies and procedures is also key.
  • Respect and candor – That old elementary school saying, “Treat others as you want to be treated” is still relevant today. But a common part of leadership is having to tell people things they might not want to hear. Being honest with your team, even if it isn’t always positive honesty, shows respect and stimulates respect in return.
  • Open-mindedness and decisiveness – A great leader will listen to and implement good ideas. At the same time, they must be willing to make the decisions that best suit the organization, even if they are unpopular ones.
  • Strength and vulnerability – Inc.com says it pretty well: “Great leaders need to be strong in their convictions, relentless in their values, and passionate in their beliefs.” On the other hand, a reasonable amount of vulnerability can help cultivate strength.

If leadership wasn’t contradictory, it wouldn’t be so complex. During your leadership assessment process, remember to keep a healthy balance of these contradictory traits in mind.

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