Robin Mottern

General Manager

As Talexes’ General Manager, Robin is responsible for the strategic and operational Go-to-Market direction for the organization. Her 20+ years of industry experience includes leadership positions and consulting projects, involving delivery of SaaS based HR solutions. She is a Master Facilitator, certified Executive Coach, and certified EI practitioner. She has provided coaching and advisory support to Fortune companies, medium and small organizations, and startups. Robin’s expertise in talent enablement enhances her ability to collaborate effectively with people in a myriad of industries and company cultures.

Robin often refers to her core beliefs; that “community is obtainable in every organization and that it begins with awareness. These convictions are a vehicle by which organizations will change the way people work, thus, helping to create more productive, profitable, and harmonious workplaces.” She encourages a life of learning and hers encompasses Business, Psychology, and Organizational Development.

Robin actively serves as Board Director for Appalachian Banner Academy, a start-up school for children with autism spectrum disorder, (ASD), in the Eastern Tennessee area.